Month: May 2014

Time Is The Anchor


“Oh, and already, the time it has changed us,
we question the kindness,
test every trust,
and we hang from the rafters, and spit out such cruel things.

If the light’s turning red, keep your hand on the door,
because you know that it might be a lesson in letting go,
it might be a lesson in losing the best things.”
Chris Purkea, “Time is the Anchor”


Why do I do this to myself.

YES, I was the one that said I’d never paint another pot ever again.  YES, I’m pretty sure I swore on a stack of bibles or something.  Then I found myself thinking “nah, surely I was being dramatic, it wasn’t that bad…”  No, but it is.  Seriously.  Giant pain in the ass.   It’s very pretty, though – and by pretty I mean crazy labor intensive.  But pretty.

The first one looks like it’s a stencil but it’s not and I feel like I need hella street cred for that.  Did get the idea from a stencil, but I don’t feel that should diminish my street cred.  But I digress.  I guess this is my new medium for summer: pots!  … and paint.