Month: June 2014

And it continues….

Busy painting pots for my library, which is lacking a little in the “warmth” department.

Bird & Cage
Tried using embossing stamps on this one instead of stencils.  Not sure how that will hold up, but I did seal it with maybe 1,000 coats of sealant.  Also – what the hell is that tall spiky plant growing out of the spider grass?  I was going to take it out, but left it – now I’m just curious to see where the hell this is going.


I really like this one.  Might keep it for the apartment lol…

photo 2

Bird Cages
This would go great in my new bathroom, where blue will be the primary accent color.  Wait – didn’t I say I was making these for my library….?


Oh and already, the time it has changed me

Acrylic, pen & ink

Oh and already, the time it has changed us,
we question the kindness, test every trust.
If the light’s turning red,
keep your hand on the door,
because you know that it might be a lesson in letting go,
it might be a lesson in losing the best things,
it might be a lesson in never, never again.
-Chris Pureka, “Time is the Anchor”