Month: October 2014

Me and my shadow are wrestling again

“The red light has been following me,
But don’t worry mother,
It’s no longer my gravity.”
-Jewel, “Barcelona”


The past compels a man to write

we seldom speak

GREAT exercise if you are facing writer’s block.  Circle random words in a page (great for people who have text books left over from college…) and create a poem. 

“We seldom speak its name –
at most,
the implication of pleasing,
without comfortable, reassuring, appreactions of life.

Even those creative
geniuses we know
sometimes feel an emotion
for praise.

We dwell upon
isolated prejudice.

Often the impressionable generation,
blind or timid,
lost tradition.

Obtain anyone who would
be a poet —
the past compels
a man to write.

We did not begin like this, you and I

monstrous things

“Out of the disillusionment phase we grew
into these monstrous things with teeth and claws and scales
and nightmares of our own.

We did not begin like this, you and I,
the anger and the despair came much later –

We had transformed by then.

And we let our red tears fall
into the cold tea and tepid milk
and the dusty crevices of our minds
where even we did not want to go.”