Month: January 2015

The Art of the Start..a.k.a potato stamping

I have had a very busy week finishing up artwork for a project and today was the first day I had to just sit back and do my own thing. I wanted to paint.

Lined up and ready to go! Mixing colours  ~ Julie Hamilton Designs {artistically afflicted blog}
I sat down with my sketchbook. I looked at some drawings I had planned to paint. I thought abstract, but then dismissed it for floral. I thought collage, but I wasn’t sure I felt like paper cutting. I thought green, no, coral.

I was getting nowhere fast. I just needed to Start.

paint, stamping, design sponge

Who would have thought? Potato stamps.Yes, a potato from my kitchen.. Having flashbacks to grade school art class?

Having lost by painting mojo with all of my indecision I ended up cruising through my inbox and stumbled upon yesterdays Design Sponge blog post here. Well, it looked pretty cool in the pictures so I had to try.

In my desperate attempt to make…

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In the end it’s all empty.

I created a cool border for a drawing but ran out of ideas so now I just have a blank white page with an intricate border.

I’m thinking about telling people I did it on purpose and it’s supposed to represent the nihilism approach to life or something. Or that it resembles the empty white page we are all desperate to fill. I’ll come up with some theme, I’m good at BSing. Whatever it is, it’ll sound appropriately artsy and angsty in a totally pretentious “no, I did that shit on purpose, GOD how can you not grasp the meaning of this piece of art?!”