Month: August 2015

Color between the lines. Or don’t. Whatever. This is your book now.

Coloring is a great form of therapy – and it’s great for when you have artist’s block and just want to create something.  I’ve recently gotten back into it hard core.  I’m slightly obsessed 🙂

I’ve started to take pictures of them before they are done – it’s very cool to see a before and after.


Best. Instruction page. Ever.


I’m irrationally proud of this one (considering i didn’t draw it).  And no, I can’t tell you how long it took me because I honestly don’t remember.


The above image is from a watercolor coloring book.  Not sure how I’m supposed to watercolor the more intricate parts.  Magic, mayhaps?


For some reason I feel like this bird has bad intentions.  He’s got shifty eyes.


And if you don’t feel like spending 5 hours on one inch of a coloring book, bring out the old fashioned crayola markers!!