Month: May 2016

breaking from the feast from the decade of the beast

the storm

Medium: Ink spray, pen & ink

Text: (i used all the lyrics so including them here..)
Breaking from the feast / from the decade of the beast / on a new road, with no true north I see

There’s doubt in every face / and there’s a liar on the stage / and what good is it, if he don’t himself believe in it.

Every clap rings out a warning / get ready for the storm, its coming / it’s coming

There’s a slap back in the face / for a sin you can’t erase / and a coin dropped in the box / don’t change the meaning

There’s a storm and it’s raging / in the belly of the slave / and it’s coming / it’s coming

And when the wind howls at your gate / already it is too late / it’s coming
-Glen Hansard “The Storm, It’s Coming”