colored pencils, yeesh.


My incredibly thoughtful dad bought my mom (a very talented artist taking a colored pencil course) some very nice Faber Castell polychromos (I’m apparently naive and thought prismacolor was always the best – but there’s definitely a difference.)  And because he knows I love art and was impressed by a dragon I once did, he bought me a set too.  They about twice the price of the already expensive prismacolor, so I was very overwhelmed to get them and it honestly stressed me out.  And I saw from my mom’s class how incredibly time intensive they are and was worried that I’d give up, because I am not a naturally patient person.  BUT.  So far I’m really liking colored pencil as a fine art medium – which I’ve never used before.  I really love how it’s turning out and am enjoying taking pictures of every 4-5 hours of work I do.

I binge watched the entire first season of Homeland while starting my foal, and while I don’t think I can keep the show up (too real for me…), it did force me to sit down and do something with my hands, rather than sit down and play xbox lol.

So we’ll see how long I keep it up, but so far I definitely like final(ish) product more than other mediums I’ve used in the past.




  1. I’ve tried several colored pencils and have to say Polychromos are my favorite. Personally, I can’t stand Prismacolor – they’re far too soft to work any amount of detail without having to run to the sharpener every couple minutes.

    1. YES! I was just working with prismacolors last night and they kept breaking or I would have to sharpen them every 5 seconds. I used my polychromos on one flower in a coloring book I’m doing, but chickened out and went back to Prismacolors. I want to save my polychromos for the good stuff, not a coloring book lol. They are so expensive.

      1. True, but they do tend to last awhile. And I know what you mean about the breaking…can’t tell you how many times I was trying to work a fine detail only to end up screaming at those stupid pencils!

      2. Yes, so far my polychromos are lasting WAYYY longer than my prismacolors. I’m so tempted to use them on my coloring books because they are so much nicer to work with, but want to save them for fine art only lol.

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