Month: July 2017

sometimes people leave you halfway through the wood.

Medium: Acrylic, Pastel

Text: Sometimes people leave you, halfway through the wood.  Do not let it grieve you, no one leaves for good.


oh give me anything and I’ll turn it into a gift

Started listening to Fiona Apple again today and she inspired me to finish my fish.  I usually want to draw happy things when I listen to Fiona Apple, so it was a good match.

Medium: Gel pens (something I never considered a serious art form, but I really liked using them!), pastels

I’m all the fishes in the sea.

Medium: Pen & ink

I was laid up for a week with bronchitis and made some progress on my fish becusse I was going crazy with boredom.  I’ve had bronchitis before but swear it’s NEVER knocked me on my ass like this.  I think I’ll make it, though.  

I AM slightly reevaluating my plan to colo in the fish though lol.