…and on this page I will discuss the manifesto of art that guides my life and soul and directs every sinew of my being… Totally kidding, here’s the real reason I created this website.

Me: *doodles*
Other Human Being: Hey, I like that.  I’d totally pay money to have something like that in my house.
Me: lololololol
Other Human Being: No, but really.
Me: o.O  And you would pay in American currency, not some money from an 80’s board game?
Other Human Being: Yeah…
Me: ON IT.  Because I would love to spread my art amongst the world and share my thoughts and ideals with other human beings and…. JK, I’m still paying off emergency vet bills from when my dumb puppy got into Advil.

Between wanting a public place to show my art for other potential buyers (aka my parents), and my massive fan club (aka 2 friends) wanting to see updates of my work from time to time, I decided to create this website thing.  I say website because I just hate the word blog.  It sounds like something that comes out of your nose when you have a sinus infection.

Feel free to peruse and if you see a style that you particularly dig, let me know and I can make it for you!  (A lot of people give me a song lyric/quote they would like for me to work off of).