Colored Pencil

new coloring project.

Started this for my friend who was getting her phD in marine science. She got her phD and defended her dissertation and I’m still on page one. Woops.

Medium: Colored pencil


possessed foal.

I’m trying to finish this for my dad’s Christmas present (since he bought me the VERY NICE and SO LOVELY set of polychromos pencils) until I remembered the only person in the family that is obsessed with horses is… me.  Also, I can’t get the eyes right for the life of me, so I’m thinking about leaving them as is and just telling people he’s possessed and not to judge because maybe God just hasn’t saved his soul yet.


Medium: Colored pencil (Faber Castell polychromos)

colored pencils, yeesh.


My incredibly thoughtful dad bought my mom (a very talented artist taking a colored pencil course) some very nice Faber Castell polychromos (I’m apparently naive and thought prismacolor was always the best – but there’s definitely a difference.)  And because he knows I love art and was impressed by a dragon I once did, he bought me a set too.  They about twice the price of the already expensive prismacolor, so I was very overwhelmed to get them and it honestly stressed me out.  And I saw from my mom’s class how incredibly time intensive they are and was worried that I’d give up, because I am not a naturally patient person.  BUT.  So far I’m really liking colored pencil as a fine art medium – which I’ve never used before.  I really love how it’s turning out and am enjoying taking pictures of every 4-5 hours of work I do.

I binge watched the entire first season of Homeland while starting my foal, and while I don’t think I can keep the show up (too real for me…), it did force me to sit down and do something with my hands, rather than sit down and play xbox lol.

So we’ll see how long I keep it up, but so far I definitely like final(ish) product more than other mediums I’ve used in the past.


Color me in, please

Haven’t felt very creative for original stuff lately, so I’ve been coloring like mad.  Can I quit my job and do this all day long?  Most of the stuff I have to finish, so more to come later.

All from Johanna Basford books.  They take so long and sometimes you feel like you’ll never finish, so I like to take pictures of my progress lol. 


Medium: Colored pencils, fineliner pens (0.4 mm)

Next up: (Do I dare disturb the universe?)