Mixed Media

but we sure killed all the pain.

Medium: Watercolor, Mixed media

Text: Well we might die from medication, but we sure killed all the pain. – Bright Eyes, “Lua”

Just discovered this band, highly recommend listening to them. Brilliant lyrics.


last shadow box I’ll ever make.

So one of my cats died a few weeks ago very suddenly (he was relatively young and had just been for a checkup – but apparently sudden heart attacks are not terribly uncommon with Siamese) and I saw the idea of a shadow box memorial on Pinterest and was all like “dudddde I can totally do that sh*t!!”  Fun fact: I can, but only with a lot of cussing.  It looks pretty, but I’m honestly more stressed than when I began.  Last shadow box I’ll ever make.

Medium: Materials from hell.

alas, my love, you do me wrong. 

Text: Alas, my love, you do me wrong.  – Greensleeves.  

I’ve never listened to it in a non-Christmas fashion until I listened to it from the prospective of a friend who went through an uneccesarily harsh breakup and gosh… what a heartbreaking song.

Medium: Water and apparently glue – I saw a “painting with glue” thing on Pinterest and decided to try it out.  Pretty fun, if you don’t mind your shit looking like a kindergartner did it.  😂

i wear them on my skin.

The thing that I love most about summer break (I taught summer school so I’m technically just starting summer break) is that if I can’t sleep I can stay up as late as I want and doodle all the fuck I want. I hear all the time “teachers have it easy” lol but we NEED these weeks off to recharge after dealing with your children.  At the end of the year a kid told me “you’re just a fat white bi*** who can’t get a man.”  This was a 5th grader.  AND I teach in a “good” school lol.  That’s just the average fifth grader these days… I love my job but I’m going to get as much therapeutic painting in as I can before school starts.

Medium: Watercolor, Mixed Media

Text: With every hour that passes / I try to tell myself / What I know / That nights are only ashes / Of days gone by burned / Black and broken-Lisa Hannigan “Lo”