Pen & Ink


Starting a few new projects.  Hamsa hand drawing, mural on pantry door, and patchwork curtains.  I don’t really  sew, so we’ll see how that goes lol.  The wall decals on pantry door will be relocated – not part of the mural.


oh give me anything and I’ll turn it into a gift

Started listening to Fiona Apple again today and she inspired me to finish my fish.  I usually want to draw happy things when I listen to Fiona Apple, so it was a good match.

Medium: Gel pens (something I never considered a serious art form, but I really liked using them!), pastels

I’m all the fishes in the sea.

Medium: Pen & ink

I was laid up for a week with bronchitis and made some progress on my fish becusse I was going crazy with boredom.  I’ve had bronchitis before but swear it’s NEVER knocked me on my ass like this.  I think I’ll make it, though.  

I AM slightly reevaluating my plan to colo in the fish though lol.




Medium: Pen & Ink

Funny enough, my friend’s original art piece she commissioned turned up in the mail, so now I have an extra one of these lying around.  I love drawing zentangles, but it’s not exactly something I want to hang on my walls lol, so dunno what to do with it.


try #2

First commission got lost in the mail, so here’s try #2.  Painful lesson I guess in not being a cheap ass and always insuring your shit when you mail it.  Super stressed about misc things anyway though so it was good timing to be forced to zentangle, even if it’s done out of anger.  



Medium: Pen & ink

Someone paid me money to do this for them.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them it’s just doodles and anyone can doodle.  


tangle of zen.

A posted some random doodles on Facebook and joked that it was for sale but that I only accepted the currency of champagne.  (Seriously, Spring Break, hurry up and get here!!) and someone actually wanted to buy it.  So I went ahead and did another one on nice paper because I’m a professional like that.

After 4 hours…

Almost done.  I don’t keep track of time really when drawing, but I watched 4-5 movies while doing this lol.

Medium: Pen & ink


Out of my mind.

Anxiety is all over the place right now, so I’m back to mindless doodling.  Posted this on Facebook and jokingly said it was for sale (in the currency form of champagne – lent’s almost over yo) and I think someone actually bought it.  I’m over the moon.  Artist’s egos are so easily stroked.  >_<  I’m always astonished when someone wants to spend hard earned money on my art – especially stuff like this.  Anyone can doodle!  But I’m back in school and have a tuition bill to pay off, so I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth!

Medium: Pen and Ink 


Still working…

I haz a muse.

Medium: pen & ink, colored pencil 


Start to a firebird.

Medium: pen & ink (staetdler fineliner, stabilo 0.4mm