Pencil & Charcoal

as you head off to the war.

An artist I follow, kimberly80 on deviant art, did a wonderful warrior sketch (give credit ya’ll!).  I was inspired by it and the lyrics to a Regina Spektor song.

Medium: Pencil

“All you can do is try to know who your friends are as you head off to the war.”
-The Call, Regina Spektor


Reminesce: (v) to recall past experiences, events, etc.; indulge in reminiscence.

In an attempt to find some disposable sketch paper tonight, I found some VEERRRYYYY old sketches from high school.  My favorite?  A newborn, delicate obsession with Jane Eyre that led to a hilarious but ardent attempt at a portrait of Charlotte Bronte.  Oh!!  No, wait, my favorite is Self Portrait aka Emo!Lori (second picture).  Ah, high school.  I miss teaching high school kids and the emo tears.

About 100% of these are unfinished, which leads me to think 15 year-old-Lori was NOT as disciplined as I remember her being…

\pic_je_1 pic_portrait_8 pic_flutterby_3pic_lab_7
pic_cats_4 pic_bird_6 pic_9_11_9 pic_bird_5 pic_black_2

We did not begin like this, you and I

monstrous things

“Out of the disillusionment phase we grew
into these monstrous things with teeth and claws and scales
and nightmares of our own.

We did not begin like this, you and I,
the anger and the despair came much later –

We had transformed by then.

And we let our red tears fall
into the cold tea and tepid milk
and the dusty crevices of our minds
where even we did not want to go.”

Somehow It All Turns Out Just Fine

far away


I have no regrets about my life
I’ve made wrong turns and right ones
And somehow it all turns out just fine
I’ve been a good friend
And a bad friend
I’ve even been my own enemy
I’ve had days
Where the only friend
That I could find was me
And one day
We’re gonna fly
And leave this all behind
With no regrets
-Katie Gray, “Ode to Lost Angels”

If a song could be my motto, this would be it.