My parents sometimes call me Lori, but you can call me Queen Nefertiti, or just stare at me in awe and wonder and I’ll respond to your nonverbal cues of introduction.  I’ve mostly lived in Virginia my whole life, with a brief foray into Alamosa, Colorado as an Americorp volunteer, and limited but inspiring sojourns to Kenya, Ireland, and London.  And there was a time I backpacked in the Australian outback with a group of Romanian gypsies, but I don’t talk about that…

I’m a connoisseur of all types of literature (back of cereal boxes not excluded) and am the personal chew toy to two mentally unbalanced felines who may or may not be plotting my death.  (ETA: also the personal chew toy / pee pad to a very large and energetic puppy).  I am passionate about many things, including the proper use of the Oxford comma, argyle socks, and painting.

But I digress.  Here we go.

(Seriously.  Don’t ask about Australia.  We all made tough decisions that day and I owe you no explanations).



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