there are no warnings only signs.

Text: Where are you now?  Do you let me down?  Do you make me grieve for you?  -Brandi Carlile “Pride and Joy”

Medium: Watercolor 


Reminesce: (v) to recall past experiences, events, etc.; indulge in reminiscence.

In an attempt to find some disposable sketch paper tonight, I found some VEERRRYYYY old sketches from high school.  My favorite?  A newborn, delicate obsession with Jane Eyre that led to a hilarious but ardent attempt at a portrait of Charlotte Bronte.  Oh!!  No, wait, my favorite is Self Portrait aka Emo!Lori (second picture).  Ah, high school.  I miss teaching high school kids and the emo tears.

About 100% of these are unfinished, which leads me to think 15 year-old-Lori was NOT as disciplined as I remember her being…

\pic_je_1 pic_portrait_8 pic_flutterby_3pic_lab_7
pic_cats_4 pic_bird_6 pic_9_11_9 pic_bird_5 pic_black_2