I never write anymore and I really should because I love it. I had some weird heart flutter the other night while trying to sleep and that one stupid thing inspired an entire poem.

Medium: Watercolor

Text: Colorado

12:00 a.m. and I sit here

waiting for sleep to take me,

a fluttering bird in my throat

that urges me to cough

out all the monolithic insecurities

weighing down my scale.

I feel the primordial need

for you to say I am full of worth,

although even enunciated clearly –

each word bit off

at the chew –

I would not believe it.

On the obverse side of me

is the hippie, the quasi-Buddha,

the peacemaker in a saffron robe,

(a virulent tangerine,

the shade of new prescription bottles –

they say centuries ago

that color was chosen

because it was the only dye available) —

but I left her behind in Colorado.

I wonder what she is doing now.

-Lori Mears



Medium: Watercolor


Everything is changing, she said.

Do you see

how with each mistake

she is becoming.

Is it worth

waking up in the morning

to see what might happen?

My anger is sharp

and angular

like the edges of your body.

I find myself

overcome with jealousy.

The golden tea

and soft breathing of a

snoring dog

fade the envy green

to the comforting gray of overcast skies

and soft blue of

the lonely sea.

The rounded edges

of my insecurities

melt into the down of my pillow

as the dawn creeps in quietly.

It is worth

waking up in the morning

to see what might happen.

-Lori Mears

bones become dust, gold turns to rust.

Medium: Watercolor

Text: Say it like you mean it / Bones become dust / Gold turns to rust

I’d rather watch my kingdom fall / I want it all or not at all.
I got super into this so-bad-it’s-good show Reign.  And while I can’t recommend it past the fact that it helped distract me during a particular virulent bout of depression, the music from this show DID introduce me to a bunch of new musical artists.  Plus, the costumes… *diez*

i will reach inside just to find my heart is beating.

I have another snow day tomorrow so decided to open up some mulled wine.  Which makes me feel creative apparently.

Medium: Watercolor

Text: When the day has come / That I’ve lost my way around / And the seasons stop / And hide beneath the ground / When the sky turns gray / And everything is screaming / I will reach inside / Just to find my heart is beating.

-Imagine Dragons “Bleeding Out”

Really into this song apparently.

i will be your scarecrow.  

It was a snow day (#teacherperks) so I decided to finish something I started awhile ago.

Medium: Watercolor, Pastel

Text: When the hour is nigh / And hopelessness is sinking in / And the wolves all cry / To fill the night with hollering. / When your eyes are red / And emptiness is all you know / With the darkness fed / I will be your scarecrow.

-Imagine Dragons, Bleeding Out

Something I always wanted to tell Josie, but didn’t have the time.