i will reach inside just to find my heart is beating.

I have another snow day tomorrow so decided to open up some mulled wine.  Which makes me feel creative apparently.

Medium: Watercolor

Text: When the day has come / That I’ve lost my way around / And the seasons stop / And hide beneath the ground / When the sky turns gray / And everything is screaming / I will reach inside / Just to find my heart is beating.

-Imagine Dragons “Bleeding Out”

Really into this song apparently.


i will be your scarecrow.  

It was a snow day (#teacherperks) so I decided to finish something I started awhile ago.

Medium: Watercolor, Pastel

Text: When the hour is nigh / And hopelessness is sinking in / And the wolves all cry / To fill the night with hollering. / When your eyes are red / And emptiness is all you know / With the darkness fed / I will be your scarecrow.

-Imagine Dragons, Bleeding Out

Something I always wanted to tell Josie, but didn’t have the time.

morning people are weird.

Medium: Watercolor

This one is actually textless.  I kept reworking it and reworking it and couldn’t figure out what I didn’t like about it. And then realized she looks like someone who would be a peppy morning person, and that annoys me.


learn to let it bend before it breaks.

Text: Say you love me, say you don’t, I can make my own mistakes.  Learn to let it bend before it breaks. –Brandi Carlile – Before It Breaks 

Medium: Watercolor, Mixed Media



My niece (who thinks I’m a really good artist, which is really sweet) asked me to paint “smile, be happy” on a canvas for her birthday.  I was touched that a 11 year old just wanted my art for her birthday lol.  Which was in October and I just now finished lol… pretty typical for me, actually…

Medium: Acrylic, Watercolor 


there are no warnings only signs.

Text: Where are you now?  Do you let me down?  Do you make me grieve for you?  -Brandi Carlile “Pride and Joy”

Medium: Watercolor 


oh, the devil won’t have me.

Medium: Watercolor

Text: Oh, the devil won’t have me, I wonder who will, I wonder who will.  -Lisa Hannigan “The Fall”


i wish i could talk to you again 


Text: I wish I could talk to you again.

Medium: Watercolor


And you’ve drawn heavy-handed lines around morality

Medium:  Watercolor


So don’t you worry, I’m completely fine

Finally finished a commission using lyrics from “Bad Wine and Lemon Cake” by Amanda Palmer/The Jane Austen Argument.  It only took me 2 weeks to getting around to finishing this commission from the beginning of September, so if you’ve requested something, just take your age and multiple it by the number of identified galaxies and divide by the number two – that is the approximate number of days it will take me to finish your request…. Just kidding – I really do have vet bills to pay off, so keep requesting!


Medium: Watercolor, Pen & Ink