there are no warnings only signs.

Text: Where are you now?  Do you let me down?  Do you make me grieve for you?  -Brandi Carlile “Pride and Joy”

Medium: Watercolor 


So don’t you worry, I’m completely fine

Finally finished a commission using lyrics from “Bad Wine and Lemon Cake” by Amanda Palmer/The Jane Austen Argument.  It only took me 2 weeks to getting around to finishing this commission from the beginning of September, so if you’ve requested something, just take your age and multiple it by the number of identified galaxies and divide by the number two – that is the approximate number of days it will take me to finish your request…. Just kidding – I really do have vet bills to pay off, so keep requesting!


Medium: Watercolor, Pen & Ink

Color between the lines. Or don’t. Whatever. This is your book now.

Coloring is a great form of therapy – and it’s great for when you have artist’s block and just want to create something.  I’ve recently gotten back into it hard core.  I’m slightly obsessed 🙂

I’ve started to take pictures of them before they are done – it’s very cool to see a before and after.


Best. Instruction page. Ever.


I’m irrationally proud of this one (considering i didn’t draw it).  And no, I can’t tell you how long it took me because I honestly don’t remember.


The above image is from a watercolor coloring book.  Not sure how I’m supposed to watercolor the more intricate parts.  Magic, mayhaps?


For some reason I feel like this bird has bad intentions.  He’s got shifty eyes.


And if you don’t feel like spending 5 hours on one inch of a coloring book, bring out the old fashioned crayola markers!!